Women should lead the world keeping themselves above the traditional life style as guaranteed by the society: Sangita Silwal, Director of Himalayan College

Published On:  November 2, 2020 07: 25 PM NPT By : Ehimalayan

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Sangita Silwal is the Director Koteshwor based Himalayan College. Being involved in social & academic field for more than two decades, she is presently working as the central secretary of PABSON as well. In an exclusive interview with Maya R. Khan & Aaraya Rajbhandari for Ehimalayan Online News she shares her opinion as follows:

What have you been busy with lately?

            As the schools are closed for the pandemic, I haven’t had as much work to do. I’ve taken this opportunity to do what I love. I wake up in the morning, do yoga, play badminton, meditate and cook for my husband and son. I enjoy having an active day.

Sangita Silwal talking to Ehimalayan team at Hotel Shangrila, Lazimpat

How is your Himalayan College doing? Could you please brief us on it, and what levels of education does it offer?

We offer from Montessori to Masters. We have been adapting to the Covid situation, but generally, we’re doing well. 

We hear that you are involved with PABSON, what is your position there?

            Currently, I am the secretary of the organization, but I aim to be the next vice-president. 

These days, schools and colleges being closed for the pandemic, your organization’s importance surfaces. What has PABSON been doing in this lockdown period?

We have been trying to find ways to adapt with the pandemic and to recuperate the time that we’re lost while doing so. 

Silwal sharing her opinion with Ehimalayan team at Hotel Shangrila, Lazimpat

How did you get into the educational field? If you hadn’t gotten into this career, what field would you have pursued?

When I was younger, I wanted to become a pilot. It was my dream to go study for it in America. My parents were reluctant, and they did not grant me permission. They wanted me to marry already when I was in grade 8. It was with great perseverance that I completed my education in St.Mary’s. After that, I was studying in college during the morning, but I wanted a job. Even though I was from a well to do family, I yearned to be independent. So my friend and I started going around school, asking whether there was a vacancy, and so I got my first teaching job and entered the educational field. 

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Who are your sources of inspiration?

            My grandparents are my biggest source of inspiration, they were the ones who raised me. My grandmother was uneducated, but she was wise. She taught me my core values, and I remember her in everything that I do.

What countries have you traveled to so far, and is your favourite?

I have travelled to quite a few countries, but America is by far my favourite.

Silwal sharing her opinion with Ehimalayan team at Hotel Shangrila, Lazimpat

What is your favourite food?

I like meat dishes a lot, all of my family does. 

What is your favourite movie?

I do not watch movies, I think I must have watched only a couple in my whole life. 

Are you interested in getting into politics? What party are you in favour of?

Yes, my ambition is to become the Minister of Education someday. I think that with the experience I have gathered, I could bring some good changes to the system. I am in favour of innovative education system that should be leading the students of 21st century ten time ahead than the traditional education system.   

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As the successful woman that you are, what advice would you give to women who are just beginning to venture into such high career goals. 

My one biggest advice is to learn how to manage time properly. As women, we have so much to do in one day, taking care of our children and houses, our careers, social lives, spirituality…it can all seem too much sometimes. They will tell us to choose one aspect over the others. What I believe is that everything is possible as long as you learn how to focus and how to divide our daily activities properly.

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